A fly on the wall of all of your most tender moments + freezing your memories & emotions in time forever.




I'm so happy that you are here! Congratulations on your recent engagement. I know wedding planning can be an exciting but overwhelming experience, so I promise you that we will plan through all of it together and become best friends in the process. I'll be by your side through it all!


But before we talk all the details, let me first introduce myself a bit more!


I'm a film fanatic, strawberry acai addict, and lover of seeing new sights.

Most of my past times involve art, exploring new places, and spending time with the people I love. I'm a strong believer that everyone's unique love story should be captured in a unique and authentic way, because no two relationships are the same. My boyfriend and I are going on four and a half years of long distance together and I know that our love story is special, and that's what makes it so beautiful, because it's... ours. I love helping other couples freeze moments in time through photos to look back on forever.


Now I'd love to hear more about YOU & your love!! 

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How I Serve You

Communication and Guidance

From our first communication, I make sure my priority is respecting your time, asking the necessary questions about your big day, and giving you all of the resources you need to take the next steps in your planning process. Throughout the process, I will be by your side to help communicate key points and ensure communication. That's why the first thing that I send out to you is a pre-wedding day questionnaire, timeline outline, and as your big day approaches, a shot list.

Capturing Your Big and Small Moments

I believe that every single moment of your big day is important, because your wedding is filled with countless moments that'll only happen once and all while celebrated with your closest friends and family. I make sure there is equivalent weight put on photos of grandparents and details, as the first kiss.

Quick Turnaround Time

All of my couples always have their final wedding galleries to them within 6-8 weeks after their big day. I know it's so special to have an intimate moment with your spouse and get to relive your magical day together through photos. And I totally understand how difficult it is to wait for photos... I'm impatient to see your beautiful final images too.... So I will share your sneak peeks to you within 24 hours of your wedding ceremony.


We May Be A Good Fit If...

You love making the simple moments in life an adventure.

You love a good belly laugh.

You believe there is nothing better than human connection.

You love looking back on old memories.

You find handwritten love letters romantic.

You're a sucker for a good love song.

You believe in love at first sight.

You love timeless, candid photos.

You find joy in the small things in life.



Why I'm Your Right-Hand-Woman

Authentic Moment Capturer

Every piece of your love story is beautifully unique and worth remembering. My passion is capturing the tender moments of you and your future-spouse, and other special moments between loved ones attending,

Making You Feel Comfortable

I will be with you for support, guidance, and to become a new friend to both of you. Making you two feel relaxed and well-prepared for your wedding day is first and foremost for me. I help you feel relaxed and supported with every decision you make towards your big day.

Solid Communication

Communication with your wedding photographer is so important. We will spend so much time together shooting your engagement photos and video-chatting about details that, by the time of your big day, we will be besties. I pride myself on making sure I do everything in my capacity to make sure my couples are always comfortable, confident, and are given the resources to help guide them every step of the way. I will always make sure we are on the same page with your timeline, shot list requests, and posing accommodations. 


Customizable Wedding Collections


I strongly believe that wedding collections are not "one size fits all." Your wedding photography collection should fit around your day and not the other way around. Every wedding is completely different and unique in many aspects, which is why I offer customizable wedding collections for my couples. I have three base collections to start with, and we can talk about possible additions to any of the collections to help it fit around your day. Base collections start at $1350 plus tax. If you are wanting to go this route, we will talk about more details of this during your discovery call with me.

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